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My Unique Collection

Posted by puresilkvisions on July 16, 2014 at 6:15 AM Comments comments (0)

My Unique Collection

Exquisitive Intricately and delicately Hand made Embroidered Lengths of Textiles called 'GARAS' ranging from 5 1/2 yard to 6 1/2 yard lengths,widths from 45 inches to 65 inches,all one single piece of material of Pure silk Satins, Crepe de Chine,thick silks.Colors ranging from Brilliant red satins, Magentas, Claret red,Deep Rich Burgundys, Royal rich Purples Sensous Blacks .Embroidered with Flowers, Peonies, vines, Birds Bridges, pagados and Figurines.

Borders / trimmings on Puresilk fabrics with Silken threads, Pure Silver and Gold threadsand Sequins.

Beautiful 2 1/2 yards fabricpieces with embroidered Borders on 2 sides, can be made into tunics, lounging pyjamas or creatively sewn blouses. 

Full length textiles or Garas, lengths ranging from five and half yards to six and half yards.No joints, with widths from 45 inches to 57 inches, Intricately and fully embroidered with flowers birds, figurines, vines, pagadosbridges etc: lightly embroidered with motifs,vines, flowers. All have full four sided borders intricately embroidered - pure silk satins, Crepe-de-Chine,Chinese soft silks with interwoven designed weave in base fabric.